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Wildfire Season

August 5, 2022

Wildfires are a natural disaster that reoccurs every year and is one that many individuals are familiar with, primarily if you are located on the West Coast. These uncontrolled fires can damage wildlands, vegetation, and in the worst case, homes. Categorizing the severity of wildfires can are done by the different burning levels; low, medium, and high. It is no secret that California has been experiencing an extreme drought for the last few years. This severe drought is the primary factor that contributes to these wildfires. While we can not... READ THE POST


Board Success Program

July 29, 2022

The pillars of an association are the board of directors. Each board member’s fiduciary duty is to make informed decisions, act in good faith, and be able to work within the scope of their authority. They currently operate in the best interest of the entire association and in the years to come. At Seabreeze Management Company, we offer our clients training and education for our partnered board of directors. Marybeth Green, our Vice President of Education and Development, oversees all the training across the organization. She holds multiple designations and... READ THE POST


CC&Rs, What are they?

July 22, 2022

Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) is one governing document that sets out the rules of a homeowner’s or commercial condominium association. It is designed mainly to protect property values within the community. There are various types of association communities commercial, condominium, master-planned, mid/high rise, and single family. Being a property owner in an association means obeying the requirements and limitations of the CC&Rs. For the state of California, the courts have held that they are enforceable unless they violate specific policies.  Please keep in mind that some may... READ THE POST


Our Difference

July 15, 2022

Shaping and developing a healthy organizational culture is something that Seabreeze Management Company strives to maintain and continuously values. We are fostering a culture that encourages positive attitudes, ideas, and goals—structuring our daily operations around the company’s values. We created a safe space for employees to thrive in a team-based environment while encouraging professional development and the overall pursuit of educational opportunities. We know that harboring an inviting innovating environment where diversity can thrive creates a positive and healthy atmosphere. Our corporate vision is people, performance, and passion.  Empowering and... READ THE POST


High Association Assessments? Here’s Why.

July 8, 2022

At Seabreeze Management Company, we often receive questions regarding high or increasing assessment costs. Hopefully, we can help you understand community association assessments. The governing documents of the homeowner association determine their common expenses. During the annual budget evaluation, the board members choose the needed contributions. Community association assessments help pay for the services the association provides its members, including annual operating and planned expenses that extend over a certain amount of time. The yearly operating expenses usually include recurring costs, like management fees, landscaping, pool, janitorial, legal services, etc.... READ THE POST


California Drought: Seabreeze Takes Action

July 1, 2022

The State Water Board adopted a second statewide emergency water conservation regulation in May 2022 in another effort to reduce the impact of these devastating droughts. Previously adopting the first conservation emergency regulations in January included items like turning off decorative water fountains and adding automatic shutoff nozzles to water hoses. On June 10, 2022. The following regulation requirements were added to the existing ones. Banning the use of potable water on ornamental grass found at commercial, industrial, and institutional properties. Including non-functional turf that homeowner associations control. Additionally, avoid... READ THE POST


Welcoming, Summer 2022!

June 24, 2022

The summer solstice was this week which means we are halfway through the year. Many welcome the warmer weather and look forward to making memories life-long memories. At Seabreeze Management Company, we are gearing up for this busy summer season. Our offices, located in the Bay Area, Coachella Valley, Inland Empire, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, are ready! The teams there work hard to meet our HOA client’s needs, providing successful outcomes in all aspects of the organization. Many important milestones have been obtained in the... READ THE POST


Delivering Happiness: Coming Together to Bring Mother’s Day Joy

May 20, 2021

Mother’s Day is an incredible opportunity to honor the mothers in our lives. One of the ways people show their gratitude is to send flowers. This year at Seabreeze, a lighthearted conversation between our Vice President of Community Management, Alisa Toalson, and Richelle Davidson, our Corporate Lifestyle Director, opened the door to Seabreeze partnering with a local business to celebrate mothers in the community. Thanks to these two incredible women, the Seabreeze team helped Seasons Florist deliver bouquets to deserving mothers all across Orange County. During that conversation, Alisa expressed... READ THE POST


Keeping the Vision

By Isaiah Henry, President and CEO
July 8, 2019

When Seabreeze was started over 30 years ago, it was founded with the idea that business was personal. Clients weren’t just clients—they were family. Property management wasn’t just a service—it was a commitment to bettering communities. Along the way we built our reputation on the core values of people, performance and passion, knowing that if these three elements were aligned, we would always do the right thing for the people we serve. Over three decades later, that idea—and those core values—still ring true. It’s what we strive for and what... READ THE POST


Lobbying for You

By Marybeth O. Green
March 26, 2019

In 2018, I came to Seabreeze as the Vice President of Training and Development. While that job title is broad by nature, one of the things I am laser-focused on is legislation. Why? Because in training Seabreeze employees and our community board members, it’s my job to stay abreast of upcoming senate and assembly bills as well as how newly-passed legislation affects both the association industry and our clients. Because we need transparency around these critical issues to fight for the changes we want—and lobby against those we don’t. It’s... READ THE POST


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