The Seabreeze Ecosystem Project

October 10, 2018

As an organization so deeply connected to and entwined with communities, we regularly have the privilege of witnessing the transformation of the world around us. We get to see new developments turn from empty lots into thriving neighborhoods filled with new friends and families, and we also see established communities change and grow, allowing residents to build deeper bonds with each other. It’s exciting and inspiring, which is why helping grow communities is at the very heart of our mission.

However, growing a community is about more than buildings, landscaping and playgrounds. It takes investment and a mentality of giving back. At Seabreeze, we constantly look for ways to give back, and we have invested in several philanthropic endeavors over the course of many years. But this year we want to take that commitment to a new level, which is why we are pleased to announce the Seabreeze Ecosystem Project.

The Seabreeze Ecosystem Project will focus on caring for the largest community we share: our environment. Our hope is to raise awareness about the impact our daily activities have on our natural ecosystem, and make improvements that benefit our communities for generations to come.

As part of the Seabreeze Ecosystem Project, the Seabreeze team will participate in activities that help fill specific needs for local communities. From something as simple as picking up trash at our local beach to more complex endeavors, such as spearheading conservation efforts, we will work to identify areas where we can help most, executing the right activities and programs to make a real difference. Along with these outside efforts, within our offices, we have begun implementing new procedures to reduce waste and shrink our footprint as we serve those who depend on us.

Harnessing the teamwork and commitment that makes Seabreeze so great, the Seabreeze Ecosystem Project will help us all become better stewards of our environmental community and enable us to preserve it for those who will come after us.