California Drought: Seabreeze Takes Action

July 1, 2022

The State Water Board adopted a second statewide emergency water conservation regulation in May 2022 in another effort to reduce the impact of these devastating droughts. Previously adopting the first conservation emergency regulations in January included items like turning off decorative water fountains and adding automatic shutoff nozzles to water hoses.

On June 10, 2022. The following regulation requirements were added to the existing ones. Banning the use of potable water on ornamental grass found at commercial, industrial, and institutional properties. Including non-functional turf that homeowner associations control. Additionally, avoid overwatering trees, and follow local water supplier requirements. Each set of regulations is in effect for a year from when they were adopted and can be altered or changed.

So what does this mean for homeowner associations? The adoption and implementation of these new regulations. At Seabreeze, our teams have remained educated and up-to-date with laws affecting the currently managed associations. We have partnered with our landscapers, maintenance, plumbers, and board members to ensure we do our part to save our water by reducing water usage—there as been immediate responses to leaks. Encouragement to use drip irrigation and drought-friendly landscapes.

For California, droughts are a recurring feature of its climate, causing environmental, economic, public health, and safety impacts. We see them creating water shortages and increasing wildfire risks. The climate extremes that California is facing are its new normal. #TeamSeabreeze is an ally in saving water to save California.

Check out California Drought Action for more information.