A Good Year: Reflections Part Two

By Isaiah Henry, President and CEO
December 20, 2017

At Seabreeze, our number one goal is to build communities, and we know that community starts at home. By empowering and investing in our people and giving them the tools to map their own paths to success, we know that we are also equipping them to deliver the personalized service that our clients have come to expect.

In our last blog, we explored the stories of two Seabreeze team members and the incredible year that they’ve had. As I read their accomplishments, I’m unbelievably proud of them and this entire organization. This company is full of amazing people, and amazing people attract amazing clients.

In the coming year, it is my mission to continue to foster the success of every person here so we can continue to help our clients build better, stronger communities. So, without further delay, I’ll turn this post over to two more members of the Seabreeze family and let their accomplishments speak for themselves.

It’s been a good year for them, for us. Many thanks to every single person who has supported us in one way or another. We are grateful for you.

Rebekah Waldo: A Seasoned Pro Takes on a New Role

Rebekah Waldo is no stranger to the property management industry, but this Senior Account Executive just celebrated her first anniversary at Seabreeze. In that short year, she finished her Association Management Specialist (AMS) designation and earned a promotion to Senior Account Executive. Located in the Inland Empire office, she worked hard to help open and oversee the new office expansion. Now, she oversees 12 accounts and has credited her success to working with some of the best that Seabreeze has to offer.

“The IE is a smaller office, and it’s been an amazing experience here,” Rebekah observes. “There are opportunities for growth, it’s a great environment where everyone looks out for each other and everyone is willing to help – even if it isn’t their job.”

Next, this mother of three has her sights set on a Vice President position, but in the midst of karate, football and all of her kids’ other activities, she’s perfectly content where she’s at. In the meantime, she’s enjoying extracurricular activities of her own. This past year at Seabreeze has been both fulfilling and exciting for Rebekah, and she can’t wait for what the future holds.

Deborah Demos: Building a Community from the Ground Up

The Sun City Community participates in Toys for Tots over the holidays.

For the past ten years, Deborah Demos has worked in the same Sun City community in Mesquite, Nevada. But, don’t be mistaken – she’s certainly not the same person who had to navigate a construction site to interview for the Lifestyle Director position a decade ago. Now, she oversees an active adult community of over 1400 homes that is growing in both size and connectedness. From monthly programs to volunteer opportunities to trips all around the world, Deborah has immersed herself into the diverse Mesquite community and, in the process, has found an incredible family both in Mesquite and at Seabreeze.

“Seabreeze truly is here for the employees, they really are,” she said. “Seabreeze has helped with Kids for Sports, sponsored holes for our golf tournaments, and offered support during Chamber of Commerce benefits. They’re so involved, and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t wake up and feel proud to represent such a fine company.” It’s this type of support that has helped her create a sense of community for the residents, and it’s paying off. “Our residents are very active,” she notes. “Some are incredibly generous and willing to lend a helping hand. One woman recently had knee surgery, and she and her husband never had to cook a meal and other residents stepped up to give her rides to her doctor appointments.”

Hailing from Wyoming, Deborah sold real estate in Laramie, polished her marketing skills at a Fortune 500 company, and worked in advertising sales in broadcast media before eventually settling in Mesquite. While Deborah works a lot at Sun City, she loves her job. Between the community’s 10th anniversary celebration, the residents’ unwavering commitment to Mesquite and numerous other adventures, 2017 has been a fantastic year. From a small community to a thriving neighborhood that has raised over $170,000 for local charities, including raising capital to build the local veteran’s center, Deborah has seen Sun City change and grow. She is proud of the residents and loves calling Mesquite home.

When she’s not working, Deborah loves hanging out with Barney and Otis, her two mini dachshunds, cooking, enjoying the company of her friends or traveling the world. Right now, she’s pondering a trip to Austria, Germany and Switzerland so she can take in the beautiful scenery, fresh air and fine dining. For Deborah, the world is her oyster, and she shows no signs of slowing down.