A Good Year: Reflections Part One

By Isaiah Henry, President and CEO
December 13, 2017

Can you believe that it’s almost 2018? Neither can I, if I’m honest. This year has been a whirlwind of the best kind, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Even in the midst of ups and downs, one thing is abundantly clear: I could not ask for a better team than the one we have at Seabreeze. Never have I met such a dedicated, kind and encouraging group of people, and I am privileged to walk alongside them each and every day.

So, as I sit and think about the best way to summarize 2017, it’s only fitting that the stories of Seabreeze be told in their words. Their stories are a testament to their grit, dedication and work ethic, and the content so rich that it wouldn’t fit into just one post. I hope you enjoy reading this two-part series as much as I’ve enjoyed watching their careers flourish and grow.

Stay tuned for part two coming next week.

Tina Dehlinger: A New Career in the Making

Seven years is a long time. For Tina Dehlinger, it was a lifetime ago. In 2010, she started working the graveyard shift at the front desk of The Martin, a luxury high rise in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a stay-at-home-mom, she knew she needed to reenter the workforce, and that front desk position was the first step in her journey. But, staying at that front desk was never in Tina’s plans, and she worked her way up to a Resident Services Manager position. Tina came to Seabreeze just over 11 months ago where she became an Administrative Assistant, and now has her sights set on a General Manager position. To get there, she’s working towards her Community Association Manager designation. After completing her exam on November 30th, she is now preparing to take the state exam.

Not only is this designation a critical part of her future objectives with Seabreeze, the knowledge she’s learned during her coursework has helped her manage the association in Las Vegas across all levels. Overall, Tina is thrilled with the experience and support she’s received at Seabreeze. “After the Las Vegas shooting, the corporate reaction was amazing,” she notes. “They called to check on everyone and sent care packages. It showed what kind of company Seabreeze is.”

Now, this lake-loving Las Vegas native is ready to take on the property management world. With the help of her colleagues and mentors, Vivian and Alisa, Tina is primed and ready for the next stage of success.

Luis Mendoza: A Rapid Rise to Success

Luis and his fiancée enjoy a day at Disneyland.

Every new job has a learning curve, and some people need time to acclimate to a new work environment and role. But, not Luis Mendoza. Luis started in Customer Care at Seabreeze just one year ago and, within six short months, a new Associate Manager title was next to his name. With a track record like that, it was safe to assume that Luis wasn’t finished and, true to form, he’s in the process of being promoted to an Account Executive role in New Development. This accomplishment came on the heels of another milestone: his 23rd birthday.

After a successful period of selling cars and managing a country club, Luis knew that his ability to relate to people and work ethic would open up new doors for him, so when a friend referred him to Seabreeze, he jumped at the opportunity. When he got hired, he knew that the only limitation was himself. “Isaiah said to go as far as I wanted,” he laughs. “So, I joined the strategic leadership committee, helped with the office move, and generally got involved wherever I could.”

As Luis enters this new role, he is excited to realize his dream of moving into New Development. “I’ve always been intrigued with the industry and new development – I was focused on that from the get go,” he says. “I love seeing brand-new homes and how they’re built.”

While it may seem that all Luis does is work, that’s simply not the case. His “work hard, play hard” persona keeps him busy most of the time. From “daycations” to golfing, and trips to Disneyland with his fiancée, Luis’ passion for life is evident both at work and at home.